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High Crime Pod

Nov 27, 2019

Kayla and Helayne talk about some grisly Thanksgiving-related crimes. Don't trust anyone - even your relatives! We're just kidding - Or are we? As we enter this holiday season, keep your mental health in mind. Don't do anything that's going to cause you duress. Your family and friends will understand. Self care now instead of murder later.

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Thanksgiving - America’s Deadliest Holiday // Philip Jett / Criminal Element

3 Grisly Thanksgiving Family Murders That Will Make You Hug Your Relatives Tighter This Season // Adam Janos // AE TV

Judge allows use of some evidence in dismemberment murder case; other requests pending // John North // 10News

Joel Guy, accused of killing, dismembering parents inside Knox home, takes witness stand // Jamie Satterfield // Knoxville News Sentinel

He was fine at Thanksgiving, his sisters said. But now he is accused of dismembering their parents // Katie Mettler // The Washington Post

A Thanksgiving Tragedy and Its Messy Aftermath Ripped This Family Apart // Cheryl Eddy // Gizmodo

You’ll never see the light of day’: Thanksgiving Day killer who murdered four relatives is handed seven life sentences by sickened judge // Simon Tomlinson // Daily Mail