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High Crime Pod

Nov 1, 2019

Hey, buds! It's been a while - we've been having some STRUGGLES the last couple weeks, which is a bit worrying since Mercury in retrograde starts today so not a great sign that things will get any easier. But anyway, we're here, and we're giving you a special bonus Halloween episode because that's the spooky bitches we are. 

On this episode we chose a creepy story - the terrible tale of the man who killed Halloween. You know all those urban legends about people putting dangerous things in candy? Well, yeah, there's a TINY morsel of truth to that. So, listen up, my friends, because this is about to get weird.


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The Man Who Killed Halloween - True Crime // Lisa Marie Fuqua // Medium

The True Story of the Notorious Trick-or-Treat Murderer // Michael Segalov // Vice