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High Crime Pod

Mar 26, 2020

Hi! Since we're dealing with what feels like an apocalypse here, I know some of us are stranded and feeling alone. So I thought we could all watch a movie together. Comfort and I recorded ourselves watching The Hunt - our theories, reactions, etc. You can even hear the movie in the background! We tell you when to press play and press pause - so you can go right along with us. (And trust me, it's a ride!) We rented The Hunt on Amazon Prime, since it would technically still be in theaters if the world weren't topsy turvy. (But this is not an Amazon ad - we're just horror fans!)

This is something new, but I hope you will follow along and enjoy this crazy journey with us! I think it could be really cool, and maybe you could even recommend movies for us to watch. Whether you think of this as "live [voice] tweeting" or you want to turn it on and act like you're hanging out with friends, we approve! We want everyone to feel loved and supported and not alone during this crazy time. Please reach out if you need anything! Love you, buds!

Virtually hang out with us!

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The Hunt // Amazon Prime Video