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High Crime Pod

Nov 20, 2019

Kayla, Helayne, and Jamie talk a strange Russian murder involving a Napoleon-obsessed re-enactor, and Jamie presents her first case! It's all about an urban legend turned real in Staten Island, New York. Do you know the story? 


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Cropsey // Joshua Zeman // Cropsey Legend 

The Story That Revealed Willowbrook’s Horrors // PBS Socal

History Of Willowbrook, And The Terrifying Legend Of Cropsey // Virginia Repka-Franco

The Charley Project

Willowbrook, the institution that shocked a nation into changing its laws // Matt Reimann // Timeline 

Pop Goes the Decade: The Fifties // Ralph G. Giordano

The Willowbrook Hepatitis Studies Revisited: Ethical Aspects // Saul Krugman // Reviews Of Infectious Diseases

Russia's greatest Napoleonic reenactor was found drunk in a river with the severed arms of his lover in his backpack // Will Englund // The Washington Post 


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